Easy Colon Cancer Screening

  • Easy Colon Cancer Screening

    Easy Colon Cancer Screening

    Colon Cancer Screening with Cologuard

    Dear Patients;
    If you need a Colonoscopy, we can prescribe the Cologuard kit to be shipped to your home effective June 1, 2017.  All you have to do is follow the instructions to get your results.

    Q:  How Easy Is Cologuard?
    A:  Cologuard makes it easy to get screened for colon cancer. Once your doctor has ordered Cologuard, the collection kit is shipped to your home.  You simply collect a single stool sample using this kit, then send it to Exact Sciences Labs via prepaid UPS shipping or pick-up.

    Q:  What Will Happen Next?
    A:  The results are provided back to your doctor, who will contact you to discuss next steps.  Screening for colon cancer is very important to your good health. If you have any questions, please call Excel Medical Center (267) 335-5264.

    See for yourself… watch how easy it is – click here!

    ColoGuard Video

    You can also contact Cologuard Customer support center 1-844-870-8878

    We’re committed to raising the bar for healthy living!

    • NO loss of work
    • NO hospital trip
    • Ease of completion



    Important! Please read Cologuard’s insurance & billing information – Click Here!

    In addition, please call your insurance provider to make sure this program is covered under your policy.  Federal law guarantees coverage and reimbursement for all Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients who are ages 50-85 and of average risk for colorectal cancer.

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