Opioid Use Disorder Program

Suboxone - Regain Control

We’re Accepting Patients for Opioid Use Disorder!

” Breaking free takes more than willpower”!


Suffering with Opioid Addiction?

  • Not fulfilling major obligations at work, school or home?
  • Having social or interpersonal problems with friends and family?
  • No longer interested in occupational or recreational activities?
  • Are you unable to stop using drugs when you want to?
  • Have you had medical problems as a result of using opioids?
  • Do you feel that you need help?


Opioids are drugs that act on the nervous system to relieve pain. Continued use and abuse can lead to physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Misusing opioids can have serious negative effects on your life. Breaking free of prescription drug abuse takes more than willpower.

Treatment is available!  Recovery-Focused treatment may provide added hope to people fighting opioid addition. Medications are Suboxone, Subutex, Vivitrol, and Sublocade.  Talk to your Doctor at Excel Medical Center to learn about your best treatments options.

Call 215-560-8044 to meet with one of our experienced drug addiction Doctors and learn how you can regain control of your life, (or) complete the confidential contact form below for an appointment at one of our Philadelphia offices near you. 

  Click here to download flyer/handout.

Program Packet – All Insurances Accepted:

Click here to download the Program Packet for new patients.  Please complete prior to coming in for your first appointment.  If you’re unable to print, stop in to pickup the registration forms in advance.  This will help to speed up the process when you arrive.


Office Locations – Mon -Fri 9am-5pm

Call for appointments at 215-560-8044 or email to: suboxone@excelmedicalcenter.com

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  • 7515 Stenton Ave. Phila, Pa 19150      | Phone: 267-335-5264
  • 5201 Old York Rd. Phila, Pa 19141      | Phone: 215-224-3499
  • 2304 N Broad St. Phila, Pa 19132        | Phone: 215-229-2022
  • 2001 S 18th St. Phila, Pa 19145            | Phone: 215-207-6758

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